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Computational Resources

CSAR currently provides the following high performance systems:

  • newton: A SGI Altix 3700 system with 512 Itanium 2 processors and 1Terabyte of memory.
  • green: A SGI Origin 3800 system with 512 MIPS R12000 processors and 512 GBytes memory.
  • fermat: A SGI Origin 2000 system with 128 MIPS R12000 processors and 128 GBytes memory.
  • wren: A SGI Origin 300 system with 16 MIPS R14000 processors and 16 GBytes memory.

Storage Resources

The machines are also supported by a Storage Area Network (SAN) providing common and flexible disk across the machines, together with a StorageTek Powderhorn tape system capable of storing up to 125 Terabytes of data.

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