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User Information

This section outlines how to make best use of the service once you have registered. If you are new to CSAR, or even if you are an experienced HPC user, it is recommended that you first read the intro guide. The guide covers a range of topics including how to log onto the machines through to submitting batch jobs. Instructions on how to use the batch queueing system (LSF) is also covered in detail.

Also included in this section is the software available on the CSAR machines. We have an extensive range of software packages available, however, if you feel that the installation of additional software would help in your use of the service, please let us know - all requests will be considered. Please remember that you may need to load specific modules before you can run any software. CSAR also have an wide range of tools, compilers and utilities available to users.

Further information on the SAN (Storage Area Network), which provides the majority of filesystems at CSAR, can also be found in this section.

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