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CSAR Introductory User Guide


This material is designed to provide new users with all the information they need to access and use the SGI systems provided by CSAR. Please note that while we endeavour to keep this information up to date users should refer to the wider web site for the latest news, bulletins and systems information.

PDF Version

Project Investigators are provided with an additional guide to managing their projects.


  1. Self Registration
  2. Accessing the Machines
  3. Login Shell
  4. Files and Filestore
  5. Interactive Service and Editing
  6. Software and Modules
  7. Batch Jobs
  8. Porting and Parallelising Codes
  9. Documentation
  10. Monitoring Your Resources
  11. Keeping up to date
    • Status Information
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • System Updates
    • News and the CSAR Mailing List
    • Support and Feedback

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