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Project Management

If you don't yet have a project then please look at the details on how to apply for resources on CSAR. This information covers the different classes of application, forms and guidance notes.

Whether you are part of an existing project or considering applying you may wish to read more about the resources available to projects. The resources page includes information on how disk and tape is charged and notes on the trading pool mechanisam.

Project Investigators should consult the guide to project administration for details of how to carry out management tasks using the PI database.

The CSAR user registration system allows new users to register for an id and existing users can update their personal information.

The accounting page provides the ability to run a report based on your project or userid so you can monitor resource usage. Summary information for all project usage in flat file format is also available from the accounting page.

The reports page contains monthly and quarterly reports, meetings of interest and User Survey Results.

Finally, users of the service are invited to provide feedback on the service by emailing the helpdesk, through allocation of Service Quality Tokens or by completing the User Survey.

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