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Accounting Information

Note: Usage and accounts for the current month may be subject to change at the end of the month when accounts are audited and reconciled.

Usage Reports

Query usage records for users, projects, subject areas and research councils, with daily breakdowns available.

Summary Accounts

Obtain summary monthly accounts in flat file format for projects, subject areas and research councils.

The lac command

From wren you can run the lac command to give information:

From Sunday     1-Aug-04 to Thursday   5-Aug-04                                

  User Account  Group          Tariff ___Cpu_time__ __Jobs                      
user-00  csn001  csn001  green   Norma    9819.30333      8                      
user-00  csn001  csn001  wren    Inter      11.39059     40                      
user-00  csn001  csn001  wren    Silve      18.60576     43                      
user-00  csn001  csn001  wren    Total      29.99635     83                      
                                ---------- CPU Usage (Hours) -----------        
 Account                        Inter Priority   Normal     Low    Total        
                      green       -        -    9819.30     -    9819.30        
                      wren      11.39      -        -       -      30.00        
  User Account  Group          Tariff ___Cpu_time__ __Jobs                      
user-00  csn001  csn001  fermat Disk:   46348.34,  Tape:   6412913 Mb Average

Further information and options can be found in man lac.

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