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Tools, Compilers & Utilities

This section details some of the most important software tools that are provided. Most of the tools are targeted at software developers.

S = Supported - Software installed on behalf of many users, which will be kept up to date and problems will be escalated with the suppliers. US = Unsupported - Software typically installed on behalf of one or a very small number of users. All problems will be pursued as and when possible
NI = Not Installed NA = Not available on this platform

A summary of all the tools that are available on CSAR machines
PACKAGE NOTES Wren Fermat Green Newton
MIPSpro 7.3 One of the compiler releases from SGI S S S NA
MIPSpro 7.4 Another compiler release with additions to OpenMP, bug fixes and further optimizations. S S S NA
Intel Compilers v7 Version 7 of the intel compilers NA NA NA S
Intel Compilers v8 Version 8 of the Intel compilers NA NA NA S
Intel Compilers v9 Version 9 of the Intel compilers NA NA NA S
Communication Libraries
MPI The most common message passing library used S S S S
PVM an (older) message passing library that supports heterogeneous computing US US US NA
SHMEM A library that supports single-sided comminication S S S S
OpenMP The standard in Shared Memory parallel programming S S S S
Orbacus An implementation of CORBA, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture US US US NI
sh The Bourne shell, it was the very first Unix shell and has no command history or aliasing S S S S
csh The C shell - has syntax like the C programming language (also see tcsh) S S S S
ksh The Korn shell - a better version of sh (also see bash) S S S S
bash The GNU Bourne-Again Shell (more powerful version of sh/ksh) US US US US
tcsh The Turbo-C shell (advanced version of csh) US US US US
vi The standard Unix text editor S S S S
emacs Richard Stallman's ubiquitous text editor S S S S
xedit A common X-windows text editor S S S S
nedit A graphical editor US US US NA
pico simple text editor in the style of the Pine mail tool US US US US
Data Management
dmget Prefetches files from the /hold tape system NI S NI NI
Version Control
RCS Revision Control System version 5.7. US US US US
CVS A public domain version control system. US US US US
TotalView A graphical parallel program debugger S NI NI S
CVD SGI's graphical debugger S S S NA
idb Intel's text-based debugger for serial codes NA NA NA S
gdb The GNU debugger for serial codes NI NI NI US
ddd The graphical Data Display Debugger front end to gdb NI NI NI US
Performance Analysis Tools
Vampir A graphical package from Pallas for profiling parallel codes. S NI NI S
VampirTrace A library of routines that enable profiling of parallel programs on green NI NI S S
perfex Shows hardware counters after a program run S S S NA
Speedshop SGI's integrated suite of performance tools S S S NA
histx SGI's profiling tool for the Altix NA NA NA US SGI's profiling tool for the Altix NA NA NA US
System monitoring tools
top shows the whole system - your job should be getting 99.9%CPU if it is well written S S S S
PCP SGI's Performance Co-Pilot: shows 3d graphics of the performance of a system(eg. osvis). S S S NI
AVS Express A very powerful interactive visualisation package S NI NI NI
PGPLOT v5.2 A Fortran/C callable graphics library US US US NI
OpenGL The open standard for graphical libraries S S S NI

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