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TotalView 6.3


TotalView is the leading graphical debugger for parallel programs.

TotalView supports codes written in C, C++ and Fortran, and parallel paradigms including MPI and OpenMP. In using TotalView you are able to quickly and conveniently navigate around source code to interrogate variables. TotalView also uses breakpoints and change data values and even source code on the fly.

Restrictions on Use

TotalView is available only on Wren and Newton. TotalView is graphical debugger and as such it needs to send graphical displays back to your machine this may cause some problems when there are local firewalls. If you are debugging a parallel job on Newton through the batch system you need to ensure that it runs on the host with a direct internet connection (newt64i) this can be achieve by using the development queue.

Set Up Procedure

TotalView can be accessed by first loading a TotalView module. In order to see source code (rather than machine code) from within TotalView you need to ensure that the code is compiled with the -g option.

Running the Code

TotalView can be used in many ways. Firstly it can be used interactively using:

totalview ./a.out

It can also be used as a post-mortem debugger (when the program crashes it leaves a core file which is a memory dump of the program at the point where it died.

totalview ./a.out core

It can also attach to already running processes, and this can be achieved by starting TotalView and selecting the appropriate processes to debug.

Further Information

There are a number of further locations for information:

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