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Intel version 7.1 compiler


This compiler is a older release of the Intel compilers with compilers for Fortran, C and C++. Version 7.1 is still currently supported although there will be no further releases of this compiler.

Restrictions on Use

This compiler is only available on the Altix. Object code compiled with the version 7.1 compiler isn't compatible with object code from higher versions.

Set Up Procedure

You will need to load a version 7 module as this is no longer the default.

Running the Code

The fortran compiler is called efc and can be used to compile Fortran 77 and Fortran 90/95 code. The C/C++ compiler is called ecc.

Further Information

Please note in order to run code compiled with version 7.1 it is necessary to switch the compiler module to pick up the correct libraries. This can be done with the conmmand module switch .e.g. module switch intel intel-compilers intel-compilers-7.1.044

Further information is available from:

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