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VampirTrace v4


Vampir allows visual modelling of the parallel performance of your code. VampirTrace libraries generate tracefiles which can be used in Vampir from there it is possible to see where bottlenecks are occuring within the code. Vampir allows you to understand the application behaviour, analyse load balancing, learn about communication patterns and identify communication hotspots.

Restrictions on Use

We are licensed for VampirTrace on both newton and green. However newer versions will not be made available for green. Also tracefiles generated with previous versions of VampirTrace may not work with this newer version.

Set Up Procedure

VampirTrace is made available using the vampir module.

Running the Code

If you do not wish to build in your own vampirtrace calls, all that you need to do is recompile your code against the vampirtrace libraries.

For wren you need to add the following to your link line:

-lVT -lmpi -lexc -ldwarf -lnsl -lm -lpthread

Further Information

Further information is available at:

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