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SGI SpeedShop[tm] Performance Analyzer


The ProDev[tm] WorkShop performance analyzer tool SpeedShop helps the user eliminate bottlenecks and bugs, maximize overall application performance, and improve quality. Bottlenecks occur in CPU utilization, memory latency, system calls, and kernel interruptions. SpeedShop provides a wide variety of performance experiments to help you identify bottlenecks, pinpoint system resource usage, and detect memory leaks.

SpeedShop utilizes a sampling paradigm that allows the collection of performance data at specified points during program execution and analysis of that data during the different phases of the program execution. The sampling paradigm is critical for very large programs, as it allows for analysis of specific portions of the program, and tuning of each portion, individually.

Restrictions on Use

Speedshop is only available on the Origins.

Set Up Procedure

There is a default version of speedshop available, however it is possible to loadmore recent versions of speedshop.

Running the Code

In its simplist form it is necessary to run your program under the control of ssrun with one option to specify what type of profiling to perform.

ssrun -pcsamp mpirun -np 4 ./a.out

This generates a number of files (one for each thread) that need to be analyzed using prof:

prof < my_profile_trace >

Further Information

Further information is available from:

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