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AVS/Express is a high-performance visually-oriented system for rapidly generating sophisticated graphing, imaging and data visualization applications. It allows users to visualise their data by constructing applications from a series of software components called modules. Each module performs a specific task. Some of these include: importing data, processing and filtering data onto geometric primitives or onto an image representation and the rendering of geometric data or images.

Restrictions on Use

Due to licensing reasons only the visualization edition is available on our machines.

Set Up Procedure

In order to correctly set up the environment to use AVS/Express it is necessary to load the correct module. You may need to ensure that you can send graphical displays back to your desktop machine - if you can run simple applications such as xclock, then displaying AVS should work.

Running the Code

The command used to start up AVS/Express is vxp. This brings up the network editor to allow you to construct visualization pipelines.

Further Information

  • The following tutorial will give you a taste of AVS/Express - tutorial.pdf. Please note that we have had the kind permission of AVS Inc. to put this document on-line, therefore it must not be duplicated or used outside of this service.
  • AVS Home Page.
  • International AVS Centre

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