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Intel version 8 compiler


The version 8 compilers had a complete redesign and hence has a number of significant changes:

  • New flags (most are the same as the old flags).
  • Better compile times.
  • Improved run time performances through better optimizations.
  • Improved performance of Fortran memory allocation.
  • Use of environment variables to control link and include paths.

The version 8.0 compiler was a development release prior to the version 8.1 production compiler, there is not likely to be any new releases of the 8.0 compiler as emphasis has now moved to the 8.1 compiler. The 8.1 compiler is currently the default compiler on Newton

Restrictions on Use

This compiler is only available on the Altix. Object code compiled with the version 8 compiler isn't compatible with object code from version 7.1.

Set Up Procedure

You do not need to do anything to access the default compiler. Other revisions of the compiler can be accessed by loading the specific module.

Running the Code

The fortran compiler is called ifort (although efc can still used) and can be used to compile Fortran 77 and Fortran 90/95 code. The c/c++ compiler is called icc (although ecc still works).

You are now able to use the environment variables FPATH and CPATH (for Fortran and c respectively) to control where the compiler looks for include files. There is also LIBRARY_PATH which controls where the linker looks for libraries and shared objects.

Further Information

Further information is available from:

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