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PGPLOT is a Fortran and C callable graphics library. It provides both inteactive graphics via X-windows and offline graphics via Postscript and GIF drivers.

Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on use.

Set Up Procedure

To use pgplot, you simply add calls to the appropriate routines in your Fortran program and then link with the pgplot library when compiling your program. In order to access the pgplot software on any of the origin systems the pgplot module must first be loaded.

Running the Code

Run your code as normal.

Further Information

There is a great wealth of information about pgplot available on the web, including several tutorials and example programs as well complete packages that use pgplot for their graphical output

  • Subroutines grouped by function.
  • Complete list of subroutines and calling parameters
  • An example.
  • PGPLOT homepage (this is one of several copies of this page on the web).
  • Source code distribution.
  • PGPLOT examples (CalTech site).

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