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Overview utilizes the standard pfmon package, but produces profiling information for any measurable metric at the routine level or indeed at the source code line level. There are number of measurable metrics the most obvious being CPU_CYCLES (the default), and these can be seen using the command pfmon -l. has been provided by SGI but is not officially supported. We have however created extra scripts to allow to be more convenient to use. will create a profile for each host that the code runs on, these can be accumulated into a single profile using, if you generate 2 of these summaries they can be compared using

Restrictions on Use is only available on Newton.

Set Up Procedure

The software and supporting scripts is available by loading the profile_lsf module.

Running the Code

In order to profile with in your batch job you will need to run the following series of commands (example is provided for bash/ksh):

export PROF_APP=`which`
mpirun -np N $PROF_APP ./a.out

Further Information

There is limited information available on beyond what is available by typing in a shell window.

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