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Default Compiler

From 26th April the default compiler on Newton will be version 8.1. The default before this date was version 7.1.044. The version 8.1 compilers can give significant improvements to the performance of your code. This version is currently available on Newton via the module intel-compilers_8.1_latest.

However, there are a number of important points:

  • In order to successfully run a code compiled with the old default compiler, it will be necessary to switch the compiler module to the old default in order to pick up the correct libraries. This can be done with the command "module switch intel-compilers intel-compilers_7.1.044".
    Adding this line to your startup script after the change-over date will restore this as your default.
  • Given the increased speed codes have seen through compilation with the version 8.1 compilers, we strongly recommend that all users migrate to these compilers.
  • For details of the naming convention.

How we manage the default compiler.

  • The default compiler has been tested and is recommended by CSAR staff. We will be striving to adopt the latest stable compiler as soon as possible.
  • There may be newer versions of the compiler available, these are under evaluation by CSAR staff. They carry no guarantees to their stability or permanence. When staff at CSAR think that a newer version of the compiler should be adopted as the default users will be given 3 months notice to try this compiler and report any problems to us.
  • If a user feels the present default is better for their application they can use a module switch so they are unaffected by the default change. Thus, we will keep this numbered module after the change to the new default. However, this will only be done when specifically requested by a user. After 3 months the compiler that was the old default will have its module removed, and users will again be informed of this.
  • If your code requires a specific compiler version we recommend using a module switch command in your start up scripts, even if this is the current default. Thus you are unaffected by changes to the default in the future. You then only need update your start up script when you decide to change compiler.
  • The user has the responsibility to inform the CSAR help desk that they are using a non-default compiler, so we can maintain a record and ensure the module remains available.

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