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CSAR Focus


CSAR Focus is published twice a year. The on-line versions are available below in pdf format. Acrobat Reader which enables you to view or print pdf documents is available for download from the Adobe website.

If you would like to receive a printed copy, or require any of the newsletters in an alternative format, please contact the CSAR helpdesk with your postal address and contact details.

Online Editions

Please click on the edition number for the full version, or the article titles below for the main articles of each issue.

Edition Main Articles
14 New Consortium: HPC-UK
Heterogeneous Catalysis at the Molecular Level
Teaching Newton to speak: using CSAR services to speed the training of a neural network that models human language processing
World's largest Altix deployment tackles real-world challeneges
Newton as a single system
Simpleware: from 3D image to mesh in minutes
Grid Enabled Interactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Integrated Parallel Rendering for AVS/Express
CSCS, the Swiss national supercomputing centre
What could Gridsolve do for you?
SGI Roadmap - taking HPC to the next level
HDF2AVS - a simple to use parallel IO library for writing data for AVS
ISC 2005
13 The Future of UK Supercomputing
Implementation of a combined wave and current modelling system
Newton Changes
Improving Parallel Performance Using MPI One-Sided Communication and MPI-IO
Technical Symposium on Reconfigurable Computing with FGPAs
OpenFGPA Effort Announced at Manchester Reconfigurable Computing Conference
New Staff
Novel Doping of Diamond Using C60
Supercomputer Data Mining Project Overview
Access Grid Now and in the Future
UniGridS - Uniform Interface to Grid Services
The development of the new ESNW Passive Stereo Facility and the Rise of Presence
The Celebration of UK Engineering Research and Innovation
Supercomputing Conference 2004
12 The Growth of Newton
New Avenues for Quantum Monte Carlo Techniques
Seeing The Invisible Through Direct Numerical Simulation
Application Performance of Modern Number Crunchers
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Rotor-Stator Cavity Flow
Manchester Computing Wins Bid to Host the Access Grid Support Centre
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Glycopids Using High Performance Computing
11 Turbulent flow over groups of urban-like obstacles
Numerical modelling of the flame front dynamics
Large Eddy Simulation of Separation from Continuous Surfaces
Impulsive Start of 3-D Shear Driven Cavity Flows
Theoretical Chemistry on Supercomputing Facilities
The HLRN System
Igniting Innovation Across the Globe - SC Global 2003
MRCCS/NSF Summer School
10 Parallel Finite Element Analysis
A new look at tropospheric chemistry
Caught in the act - modelling how a biological catalyst works
Parallel Support Toolkit for AVS/Express
Visualization in Earth System Science
Cray XI Scientific Library Optimisation
9 Multiphoton, Electron Collisions and BEC HPC Consortium
Seamless Access to Multiple Datasets
CSAR on the Grid
Global Climate Visualization for the Hadley Centre
Bringing Scalable Molecular Dynamics to the CSAR Community
Unified Model
8 Eddy Resolved Coupled Physics - Ecosystem Modelling in the Irish Sea
Optimising Linear Algebra on SGI Origins
7 Porting the AMBER forcefield to LAMMPS- massively parallel molecular dynamics simulations of DNA
Segmentation, Growth and Linkage of Normal Fault Arrays: A Three-Dimensional Numerical Analogue of Rift Evolution
VIPAR: Visualization inParallel
6 CONQUEST: A Quantum Leap in Atomic-Scale Simulation
5 Visualization Work of the Earth's Mantle
CASTEP: Quantum Mechanical Atomistic Simulation Code
4 Turing Probes the Earth's Core
A first meeting-ground with labaratory experiment enabled by turing
3 Computational Chemistry's Insatiable Hunger for Computer Resources

Printed Editions

Editions 1 and 2 of CSAR News, the predecessor to CSAR Focus, are currently available in printed format only. Should you require copies please contact the CSAR Helpdesk with your details.

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