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Home Disk Areas


The home filesystem is the most important of all file systems. When you log on you will be placed here initially and this is where most configuration files will be located and probably where you will do most of your work.


The home directories are located on the SAN in /ohome/<username>.

$OHOME can also be used as a synonym for your home directory. The precise location of it is subject to change but is currently located in either /sanhp or /m directories - you should not use these in explicit paths, using /ohome instead.


There is a back up policy on the home directories which involve incremental backups on a daily basis and full backups once a week.

There is no purge policy on your home directory.


Your home directory is the best location for source code and other important files, this is because of the backup policy and good performance of the filesystem. If you have a large complicated source code structure you should do file manipulations on wren as much as possible for performance issues, these include:

  • Compiling for the origins.
  • Searching through files.
  • Moving large numbers of files around within the filesystems (if copying please use -D option to cp as this gives a much improved performance).

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