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Looking at other filesystem options


CSAR has a number of other filesystem which do not class as an everyday system but do provide an important function. The requirements not met by other disk classes are a need for a higher performance disk (UHP) and a large volume, low cost disk resource (HV).


The UHP (Ultra High Performance) disk directories are located on the SAN in /d/<username>. The HV (High Volume) disk directories are located on the SAN in /v/<username>.


  • There is no back up policy on either of these directories.
  • There is no purge policy.
  • There is a quota on both directories and can be altered by the PI of your project.


If the performance of I/O in your code is of concern then there are 2 options; you can request UHP disk or request help from CSAR in improving the I/O in your code.

If you need large amounts of data online at a much cheaper rate than the home directory then you will find HV disk very useful.

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